Amsterdam, 2012
Amsterdam, 2012

Laura Plantation is a restored historic Louisiana Creole plantation on the west bank of the Mississippi River near Vacherie, Louisiana, (U.S.). Formerly known as Duparc Plantation, it is significant for its early 19th-century Créole-style raised big house and several surviving outbuildings, including six slave cabins. It is one of only 15 plantation complexes in Louisiana with this many complete structures. Because of its historical importance, the plantation is on the National Register of Historic Places. The site, in St. James Parish, Louisiana, is also included on the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail. (source: Wikipedia)

Vacherie, LA August 2014
August 2014

“People are getting insane, they even take pictures at wine bottles now…”

…said a woman stepping in front of my camera, shaking her head, while I was fascinated by the reflection.
Years are passing by, still, I keep noticing we do not ALL see the same thing when we look at something.

Italy May 2015
May 2015

“When I wake up in my makeup
It’s too early for that dress”

(Celebrity Skin, Hole)

(it's black and blue)
(it’s black and blue) December, 2014

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Rome, via del Pellegrino
Rome, via del Pellegrino

Strolling somewhere around the Club der Visionaere, Berlin, I found a dragon’s head blinking at me instead of holding its own shutter!
Objects may be shameless sometimes.

Berlin, August 2012
Berlin, August 2012

I know this photo is far from perfection, and yet there’s still something catchy to me.

Amsterdam, October 2012
Amsterdam, October 2012

Third entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge.
This was the second and that’s the first!

Rome, Tiburtina train station, December 2011
Rome, Tiburtina train station, December 2011

My second entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge

I quite feel like I’m running out of windows!!

This is my entry for the current Weekly Photo Challenge, but in the last weeks I’ve been literally publishing ONLY windows! Have a look at:
Io non sono qui.12
Io non sono qui.11 (I’m not there)
In light of
When daydreams come true

Berlin, Kreuzberg, August 2012
Berlin, Kreuzberg, August 2012

Back in 2011, I applied to an artistic project called Who’s Next Expo.
I was one of the selected ‘artists’ and participated with a photo-project named Io non sono qui (=I’m not there), inspired by the 2007 biographical musical film directed by Todd Haynes, about American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.
To read the whole story, have a look at my previous post.

As my first post for the new year, I thought about something positive, full of hope and good vibes. A small group of three young Parisiens, giving free hugs to strangers at the sunset in front of Louvre, sounded perfect.

The following words are from the movie I’m not there – italian version, as I wrote them down for the exhibition. Quotes in original version to follow!

“Sapete, mi ci è voluto del tempo per diventare giovane, ora io mi considero giovane, sapete… e ne sono fiero, ma non è un mondo per i vecchi là fuori.”
(“You know, it took me a long time to get young and I assume myself young and now… I’m proud of it. It ain’t no old people world out there.”)
“Siamo tutti d’accordo, credo, che il mondo è un posto terribilmente incasinato. Ma… si dà il caso che penso che si può fare qualcosa per cambiare la situazione.”

Jack Rollins

Paris, March 2011
Paris, March 2011