One more old photo, published on “Il Fotografo”, n.215 March 2010, Sprea editors, p.29


“Un curioso particolare quello che nota Giulia Bernini, la quale sfrutta come allusione di una parte per far intuire la presenza di un tutto che si deve così ricostruire nell’immaginazione dell’osservatore.
Diventa così sorprendente come una porzione di parete o di pilastro si trasformi in una superficie quasi magica dove sembrano apparire, tra le ombre dei rami, scene di un gioco riflesso, sognato, forse avvenuto, o tuttora in corso, lì poco lontano.”

(Laura Marcolini, Il Fotografo)

winter 2010
winter 2010

A very old pic, taken with my old Canon powershot A300.

Photo published on “Il Fotografo”, n.215 March 2010, Sprea editors, p.43

winter 2010
winter 2010

When rain boots got trendy

I was just about to write a post about this photo, complaining on how the climate change has been affecting Rome, how autumn-winter-spring got awfully rainy (last winter we had a month with two not rainy days… I mean, really?!), how rain-boots became fashionable, when I hit on the Wikipedia Tevere (eng: Tiber) page. Looks like the Tevere has always been known for its floods. On the net, you can even find records of the main floods since 1277. If you’d manage to understand a little Italian, I would recommend to have a look at the Tiber floods history here.

Anyway, it is indeed true that our sunny winters are almost a vague memory and that it actually feels like something new to us. Years ago, there were some riverboats, houseboats and even few nightclubs-boats docked along the river. When it started with heavy rains, most of them sank or were partially destroyed.
On November 2009, me and my old camera took a stroll along the river and, even if I felt sorry for this boat’s owner, I fell in love with the colours and the light reflections on this spot.

The following photo has been publicized on the magazine Il Fotografo, but not as part of the so-called “theme exercises” section (you can read something about it here). They used to let all the mag’s readers share their shots on their Facebook page, then to pick the 10 best ones and to publish them in the next paper issue.
On the February 2010 one, this picture of mine was one of the 10.

Tevere, Rome, Italy, November 2009. Photo appeared on “Il Fotografo”, n.214 February 2010, Sprea editors
Tevere, Rome, Italy, November 2009.
Photo appeared on “Il Fotografo”, n.214 February 2010, Sprea editors

Where it all began

Four years ago, I started taking photography a little more seriously.
I’ve never studied it, nor I knew someone dealing with it, so,  in the first place, I went to a newspaper shop and found, among others, this magazine named Il Fotografo (= The Photographer). It looked like the most serious to me and the graphic design was appealing too.
Now. I have to admit I’m not a good learner if not in front of a teacher, thus, despite I bought many issues of the mag, I barely read more than a couple of articles. What made me going on in buying it, was a specific section: “Esercizio a tema” (= theme exercise). Every month, the assigned writer gave the reader a new theme to practise shooting, setting a deadline few weeks later. In a next issue they would have then published the 100 best pictures they’d received. Before the closing date, one could send up to five photos, so did I.

The theme was “Sull’acqua”, that can mean both above/about water. At that time, I was a real newbie and I didn’t own a reflex yet: I had just a Canon powershot A300.
With: “3.2Mpx, digital zoom”, I think I’ve said it all.
2.743 readers participated that month. I was one of the 100 selected.

The photo they chose, was taken in Sweden, not far from Stockholm, at Drottningholmslotts parken, a long swedish word meaning: the Royal Castle Park.
This picture has more than one meaning to me, but let’s just say, the publication of it, it’s where everything began.

Drottningholmslotts parken
Drottningholmslotts parken, Stockholm lan, Sweden, March 2009.
Photo appeared on “Il Fotografo”, n.213 January 2010, Sprea editors