A little Talent

Two years ago, November 2011, the project Leica Talent saw the light. I don’t even know how I got to know about it and if it was something global or if we had it just in Italy. They set up a contest, called 24×36, where 24 was for the 24 winners of the third selection (but not the last one) and 36 was for the film format. The 24 winners were given a Leica and asked to start a photographic project with it. Among those, a jury picked 12 lucky talented ones who began a cooperation with Leica.
Everyone was allowed to participate and everyone had hers/his pictures published on Leica website, as long as one was living in Italy and above 18. No required theme for the photos, you just had to send the three pictures more representative of you.
Just imagine what happened. It ended up with 42.567 participants. Countless debates. The first selection, made by the Leica team, cut them down to 2400. Again, I’m not a professional, I’ve not much experience and I knew I was not going to win. Just compete’s sake. I was happy enough to have passed the first selection and to be one of those 2400.

These are the three photos I sent (and yes, back then I didn’t even know you are not supposed to mix black&white and colour photos).

Berlin, Tacheles, January 2011
Berlin, Tacheles, January 2011
Paris, Centre Pompidou, March 2011
Paris, Centre Pompidou, March 2011
Berlin, Jewish Museum, January 2011
Berlin, Jewish Museum, January 2011

The first one, the hardest

The first time you approach to something new, it’s always the hardest, no matter what you’re up to. The first day at school, the first exam, the first date, the first time you get into a new gym, the first time you have to talk to an audience, your own first photo exhibition, the first job interview… you name it!

So today it’s the time for my first post.
I’ve had a Flickr account for few years now, but I started to feel it was “not enough”. When I edit a photo, as well as when I shoot, I completely lose myself in it. I feel like Alice in Wonderland, when she falls down the rabbit hole and she is overwhelmed by all the stuff that pops around her, or like Joel in the Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, when he finds himself revisiting his memories, all kinda mixed up and in a sort of dream state.
That’s pretty much what it usually happens to me: words from songs lyrics, movies scenes and books verses, they all appear suddenly to my mind, so that I stay lost ‘inside’ the photo until I find the way out. And, as it’s a nonsense to live an experience or an emotion and keep it for yourself, I share the results of my getting lost.
So, here we go.

I’m quite not sure why I decided to start from these three photos. On Facebook, one of the pages I follow is Leica Talent Italia, which is the Leica Camera Italia official page. Last year, to celebrate the Leica M Monochrom release, they gave birth to their first collective album, named “465 Shades of Gray”, made of the best works they would have received. All page’s followers had the chance to see their best b/n shots published, sending up to three photos. Not a big deal, alright. Yet, when you are a total beginner, you won’t miss a chance to measure yourself.
The page ended up publishing 261 photos. Two of those were mine.

These are the three ones I sent. All of them were taken in Paris, March 2011.

Place du Trocadero
Now. I’m a total crap when it comes to pick some photos for contests/ magazines/ exhibitions
And, apparently, the less I like one of my photos, the more people love it.

Centre Pompidou

Quite ironically, the one I like better, usually doesn't get a positive feedback. This one was not even published by Leica.
Quite ironically, the one I like better, usually doesn’t get a positive feedback.
This one was not even published by Leica.