Hi and thank you for visiting my blog!

I set it up on November 2013. For a little introduction about it, you may like to read my initial post: The first one, the hardest.
As the header might suggest you, this is a photographic blog where I’ll present you my past exhibitions, photos published on magazines, as well as new projects. 
It is meant to be a portfolio where to show my work and to make it known to a wider audience, but also as a place where to meet other photographers, exchange ideas, tips and where to improve my photographic knowledges and skills. Thus, formative critiques are very welcome, as well as comments from EVERYONE.
I’m very keen to read what you think about every single photo I post! :)

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Copyright Notice:
It took me quite a lot to work on each photo, both while shooting and while editing, so they are all copyright protected.
Copyright ©Giulia Bernini 2015. All Rights Reserved.
Commercial use and distribution of the photographs of this website is not allowed without express and prior written consent of the author. You may share the content of this website, using any of the share icons at the bottom of each post. For any other way of reproduction or sharing, please contact the author.

However, if you like one of my works and you want to use it on your own website, blog or magazine, you are welcome to contact me (giulia.bernini_at_gmail.com).


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome to WordPress, Giulia. It’s a lovely medium to ‘meet’ new people, get inspired and get your work shown to a broader adience. Hope to see a lot of work on a regular basis.


    • Thank you! It looks indeed like a lovely place :)
      I’m going to post something new twice a week, whenever is going to be possible. You are very welcome to come back!


    • Eheheh I know :) but look, if you were born in a place like Rome, spent your whole childhood, and teenhood, and part of your adulthood, desperately craving for snow, you wouldn’t either miss the chance to bring some of it in your life ;)


    • Hi Mara,
      I’d say no, I guess I’m not an awards person and I don’t really have much time right now for blogging in general!
      Anyway, thanks a lot, I really appreciated that!


  2. hello, I’m happy to come to your blog, I’m french and my english is not very good! See you soon :-)


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