Io non sono qui.12

Back in 2011, I applied to an artistic project called Who’s Next Expo.
I was one of the selected ‘artists’ and participated with a photo-project named Io non sono qui (=I’m not there), inspired by the 2007 biographical musical film directed by Todd Haynes, about American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.
To read the whole story, have a look at my previous post.

As my first post for the new year, I thought about something positive, full of hope and good vibes. A small group of three young Parisiens, giving free hugs to strangers at the sunset in front of Louvre, sounded perfect.

The following words are from the movie I’m not there – italian version, as I wrote them down for the exhibition. Quotes in original version to follow!

“Sapete, mi ci è voluto del tempo per diventare giovane, ora io mi considero giovane, sapete… e ne sono fiero, ma non è un mondo per i vecchi là fuori.”
(“You know, it took me a long time to get young and I assume myself young and now… I’m proud of it. It ain’t no old people world out there.”)
“Siamo tutti d’accordo, credo, che il mondo è un posto terribilmente incasinato. Ma… si dà il caso che penso che si può fare qualcosa per cambiare la situazione.”

Jack Rollins

Paris, March 2011
Paris, March 2011

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