Sometimes I can’t help but thinking about a person I used to know. It was the time I had a very ordinary digital camera and I was a thousand miles far from thinking that, one day, I could have ever had a reflex. This person used to tell me it was not me being good in taking pictures: I just happened to be in beautiful places, thus I could not take any credit for pushing the camera button. Somehow, it was convincing enough that I only managed to shoot average pictures.

5 years later, I found out we do not ALL see the same thing when we are looking at something. Speaking about me, I always search for something different, unexpected and unusual to shoot at. So when I happened to be in my dream swimming-pool, it was actually just a big, bright, beautiful but quite empty room. Until I noticed the reflection on the floor.

Sometimes the best comes when you turn something upside down.

I would now tell to all that kind of people:

Who’s to say
what’s impossible?

as the surface breaks reflections fade

As my mind begins to spread its wings
there’s no stopping curiosity

I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found

Who’s to say
I can’t do everything?
Well I can try
and as I roll along I begin to find
things aren’t always just what they seem…

(“Upside Down”, Jack Johnson)

Linz, Austria, July 2011
Linz, Austria, July 2011



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