W.P.C.: Grand

Grand. As a sixth post on my brand new blog, I was looking for something more recent to show you, when I bumped into the Weekly Photo Challenge. It is asked to post “that special element: the ‘wow factor’ of a scene, that magical quality you’re always out looking for and so excited to capture with your camera”.
As you can imagine, in the past few years I’ve collected thousands (literally) of pictures, so picking a single photo for a challenge, is not always an easy task. Plus, I’m that kind of person who is likely to lose herself in every little thing, from a leaf to a small puddle, and that makes it damned easy to find ‘wow factors’ just everywhere!
Thus, I’ve tried to remember the last time I felt deeply stunned, while standing still in front of something. That something, is Pointe de la Parata, Corsica. The place is so much beautiful, that I would just call it magic.

It was a real rush to make it until there before the sunset. Of course, I couldn’t wait till the morning after, ’cause the light would have never been as good as at dusk. ;) However, before reaching the tower at the very end of the cape, I stopped running with my camera when I saw these flowers and had one of my ‘Alice in Wonderland’ moments (this post will help you a little to get it). A long one. Someone had to wake me up.
No idea of what kind of flowers are they, tho!

Pointe de la Parata, Corsica, July 2013
Pointe de la Parata, Corsica, July 2013

8 thoughts on “W.P.C.: Grand

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  2. I love the colours in this shot.

    Congratulations on your new blog. Wishing you lots of fun in building it and discovering where it leads. :-)


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