Where it all began

Four years ago, I started taking photography a little more seriously.
I’ve never studied it, nor I knew someone dealing with it, so,  in the first place, I went to a newspaper shop and found, among others, this magazine named Il Fotografo (= The Photographer). It looked like the most serious to me and the graphic design was appealing too.
Now. I have to admit I’m not a good learner if not in front of a teacher, thus, despite I bought many issues of the mag, I barely read more than a couple of articles. What made me going on in buying it, was a specific section: “Esercizio a tema” (= theme exercise). Every month, the assigned writer gave the reader a new theme to practise shooting, setting a deadline few weeks later. In a next issue they would have then published the 100 best pictures they’d received. Before the closing date, one could send up to five photos, so did I.

The theme was “Sull’acqua”, that can mean both above/about water. At that time, I was a real newbie and I didn’t own a reflex yet: I had just a Canon powershot A300.
With: “3.2Mpx, digital zoom”, I think I’ve said it all.
2.743 readers participated that month. I was one of the 100 selected.

The photo they chose, was taken in Sweden, not far from Stockholm, at Drottningholmslotts parken, a long swedish word meaning: the Royal Castle Park.
This picture has more than one meaning to me, but let’s just say, the publication of it, it’s where everything began.

Drottningholmslotts parken
Drottningholmslotts parken, Stockholm lan, Sweden, March 2009.
Photo appeared on “Il Fotografo”, n.213 January 2010, Sprea editors

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