I took myself out walking

I took myself out walking, is the title of one of my photo albums. It’s originally the incipit of a song named Lost and Found, by Taken by Trees (a solo project of the Swedish singer Victoria Bergsman). I happened to know this singer very randomly, just listening to the radio. They were playing one of hers songs, Julia, and as I am a big fan of my first name, I just had to Google her. I ended up appreciating the whole album (Open Field, 2007).

“I took myself out walking
By the evening I was running
I hadn’t done this for a long while
My friend said cheer up, it was high time”

The three photos I’m showing you today, were taken the first weekend of May 2013 in Rome (which happens to be the city I was born in), during the second edition of the Open House Rome.
Now. We all know that’s pretty hard to live in Italy nowadays and sometimes it can get just unbearable, but let me say it: it is a gorgeous city. When you grow up in such a big town, you just tend to ignore all its monuments, and all those old ruins, and all those museums, and buildings, and blah blah blah. I started wandering around it, looking more carefully at what surrounded me when I became an architecture student. I started noticing -for real- all its magnificent beauty, when I began shooting it.
So, I like walking, I love strolling around, I’ve always been a big snooper and I use to lose myself while shooting. The Open House is just one of my things. Beside the biggest and the most important palaces, the smaller ones are not open to the public, thus I took the chance to visit the small, private ones. The following photos belong all to the courtyard of a building located in the famous via Giulia (yet again, what a lovely name!;)), in the old city centre.

Building in via Giulia
The courtyard is actually very small, that makes it even more incredible how richly decorated it is.

Building in via GiuliaBuilding in via Giulia


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